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Kakaras Emmanuel

Kakaras Emmanuel

Dr. Mechanical Engineer

Director of the Laboratory of Steam Boilers and Thermal Plants

Contact Info: 
tel : +30 210 772 3604/3662
fax : +30 210 7723663
email :

Research Topics: 

Measures for efficiency increase of conventional Plants. Novel technologies for solid fuels utilization for power generation (IGCC-PFBC) - Fluidized Bed combustion Technology. CO2 separation and capture. Pulverized Brown coal combustion in Large scale Plants - Effect of fuel quality and combustion scheme on the emissions of SO2, NOx and unburned fuel, units efficiency and availability. Utilization of alternative fuels (biomass). Natural gas utilization - Co-generation - Fuel Cells. Radiation heat transfer in combustion chambers - Effect of Slagging on thermal transfer.