HYdrogen as a FLEXible energy storage for a fully renewable European POWER system

Generating renewable electricity is an important way to reduce CO2 emissions and tackle climate change. However, sources of renewable energy such as wind and solar suffer from supply and demand imbalances. Energy storage in the form of hydrogen could provide a remedy for this problem: excess renewable electricity is fed into an electrolyser to split water into oxygen and hydrogen. The green hydrogen is stored and subsequently used in gas turbines to produce electricity when needed, releasing the stored energy back to the grid. The EU-funded HYFLEXPOWER project will develop and operate the first fully integrated power-to-hydrogen-to-power industrial scale power plant, including an advanced dry-low emissions hydrogen gas turbine. The already installed SGT-400 gas turbine package will be upgraded with the ultimate goal to produce 12 MW electrical energy using fuel mixtures that contain up to 100 % hydrogen.

Project duration
May 2020 - April 2024
Overall Project Budget
15,252,168.50 €
Scientific Responsible