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Pallis Platon

Pallis Platon

Mechanical Engineer, M.Sc, PhD Candidate

Contact Info: 
tel : +30 210 7723754
fax : +30 210 7723663
email :

Current Position: 

Head of the team performing environmental measurements & sampling / Assistant Technical Director . Appointed as Energy responsible for Buildings “M”, “Ξ” & “O” of the School of Mechanical Engineering.

Research Topics: 

Heat production by hot water boilers (design, laboratory measurements and techno economic analysis) / experimental fluidized bed combustion plants. Certification of heat production systems. Waste Heat Recovery systems / Organic Rankine Cycle systems.


  • SAVE, “Indirect determination of boilers efficiency” I.D.: Z/4.1031/Z/00-005/2000, Start: 03/2001 Completion: 03/2003
  • ECSC COAL RTD PROGRAMME, “Measure to improve availability and reduction in operating costs of coal and biomass burning power plants.” I.D.: 7220-PR131, Start: 11/2001 - Completion: 11/2004
  • ECSC COAL RTD PROGRAMME, “Impact of a new process for NOx reduction on reliability, operating performance and toxicity in recirculating fluidised bed boilers.” I.D.: 7220-PR143, Start: 07/2002 – Completion: 06/2005
  • SAVE, “Characterization and reduction of electrical consumption of central heating systems and components.” I.D.: SAVE 4.1031/Z/02-021/2002, Start: 01/2003 – Completion: 06/2005
  • ENERGIE5-G1, “Development of low emissions condensing 400-4000kW gas-fired water boiler systems.” I.D.: NNE5-2001-00246, Start: 03/2002 - Completion: 03/2005
  • I.E.E.Changing the heating market mechanisms: Boiler information system on efficiency I.D.: EIE/07/278/SI2.467623, Start:11/2007- Completion: 05/2010
  • FP7-ENERGY, Cost efficient biomass boiler systems with maximum annual efficiency and lowest emissions I.D: ΚΟΙ.050140-02-62-01, Start: 04/2011 - End: 04/2014

Selected Publications: 

  • Investigation of the Natural Gas Quality in Greece, Vourliotis, P., Pallis, P., Kalligeros, S., Kakaras, E., Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization and Environmental Effects 37 (19), September 2015, pp.2073-2080
  • Αποτελέσματα μετρήσεων σε βιοκαύσιμα και λέβητες Ε. Κακαράς, Π. Βουρλιώτης, Π.Πάλλης, Διημερίδα Παραγωγή, Επεξεργασία και Εφοδιασμός Βιομάζας 11-12 Απριλίου 2013
  • Natural Gas Quality Analysis Survey in Greece, P. Vourliotis, P. Pallis, S. Kalligeros and E. Kakaras, Energy Sources Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, 19 January 2012
  • Τυποποίηση – Καύση στερεών καυσίμων βιομάζας σε λέβητες ζεστού νερού, Ε. Κακαράς, Π. Βουρλιώτης, Π.Πάλλης, Δ. Γεώργου, Συστήματα θέρμανσης με βιομάζα, ECOFORUM, 3η Διεθνή έκθεση ECOTEC – Τεχνολογίες περιβάλλοντος, 22 Απριλίου 2010
  • Internet interactive information tool & EU Central Heating Boiler database, E. Kakaras, P.Vourliotis and P.Pallis, Rational use of energy for space heating, current and future situation, MARCOGAZ Workshop on Gas Industry initiatives, Brussels Energy Efficiency Week, 24 March 2010

Curriculum vitae PDF (238.51 KB)

Last update: 
7. July 2017