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Pallis Platon


Mechanical Engineer, M.Sc, PhD Candidate

Contact Info: 
tel : +30 210 7723754
fax : +30 210 7723663
email :

Current Position: 

Head of the team performing environmental measurements & sampling / Assistant Technical Director . Appointed as Energy responsible for Buildings “M”, “Ξ” & “O” of the School of Mechanical Engineering.

Research Topics: 

Heat production by hot water boilers (design, laboratory measurements and techno economic analysis) / experimental fluidized bed combustion plants. Certification of heat production systems. Waste Heat Recovery systems / Organic Rankine Cycle systems.


  • SAVE, “Indirect determination of boilers efficiency” I.D.: Z/4.1031/Z/00-005/2000, Start: 03/2001 Completion: 03/2003
  • ECSC COAL RTD PROGRAMME, “Measure to improve availability and reduction in operating costs of coal and biomass burning power plants.” I.D.: 7220-PR131, Start: 11/2001 - Completion: 11/2004
  • ECSC COAL RTD PROGRAMME, “Impact of a new process for NOx reduction on reliability, operating performance and toxicity in recirculating fluidised bed boilers.” I.D.: 7220-PR143, Start: 07/2002 – Completion: 06/2005
  • SAVE, “Characterization and reduction of electrical consumption of central heating systems and components.” I.D.: SAVE 4.1031/Z/02-021/2002, Start: 01/2003 – Completion: 06/2005
  • ENERGIE5-G1, “Development of low emissions condensing 400-4000kW gas-fired water boiler systems.” I.D.: NNE5-2001-00246, Start: 03/2002 - Completion: 03/2005
  • I.E.E.Changing the heating market mechanisms: Boiler information system on efficiency I.D.: EIE/07/278/SI2.467623, Start:11/2007- Completion: 05/2010
  • FP7-ENERGY, Cost efficient biomass boiler systems with maximum annual efficiency and lowest emissions I.D: ΚΟΙ.050140-02-62-01, Start: 04/2011 - End: 04/2014

Selected Publications: 

  • Semi – Empirical model of a multi-diaphragm pump in an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) experimental unit., F.D’Amico, P.Pallis,, Energy, Volume 143, 15 January 2018, Pages 1056-1071
  • Experimental investigation and CFD analysis of heat transfer in Single Phase Subcooler of a Small Scale Waste Heat Recovery ORC, Tryfon C. Roumpedakis, Spiros Chapaloglou, Platon Pallis,, Energy Procedia, Volume 129, September 2017, Pages 487-494, Energy Procedia, Volume 129, September 2017, Pages 1018-1025
  • Experimental performance evaluation of a multi-diaphragm pump of a micro-ORC system, Gianluca Carraro, P.Pallis,,
  • Investigation of the Natural Gas Quality in Greece, Vourliotis, P., Pallis, P., Kalligeros, S., Kakaras, E., Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization and Environmental Effects 37 (19), September 2015, pp.2073-2080

Curriculum vitae PDF (384.34 KB)

Last update: 
7. July 2017